is a site built to provide reviews of the top-quality affordable bicycles and bike accessories. 

Hi, I am mike. And i absolutely love cycling. I have been riding for a while now ( almost 12 years) and i cycle almost regularly. I hardly walk or use my car to travel. I usually pick one of my bicycles to travel.

Cycling is easy, fun yet challenging and almost anyone can do it. It would help you tremendously in improving your health and will help you get into shape faster. I built his site specifically for people looking to buy a bicycle but are either not sure what to purchase or find the bikes really expensive.

Honestly, you don’t need to spend a fortune getting a bicycle. If you are just starting out, you are better off purchasing a cheap bicycle to start with. So you can move to more expensive versions once you pass the beginner phase. Though i would highly advise against purchasing the next cheap bike you see online. Especially those you see on walmart. Also, getting a used bicycle is also not always worth the money as these bikes almost always need fixing and you need to change old parts.

Cheaper absolutely does not mean getting a junky bicycles that do not last. Infact some of the inexpensive bikes are best sellers on Amazon and other smaller retail stores.

You can use this site as a guide. We aim to add reviews of the latest bikes as the come out and provide other useful information you need to know to make educated purchase. I usually recommend Amazon for buying bicycles as the store provide discounts and are quick to responding to problems and part replacements if you need one.

Lastly, cycling is perhaps the best sports that help you get into shape faster and easily. However, it is highly recommended to wear safety equipment ( such as helmets ) while riding a bicycle to ensure safety.

Hope you find the site useful, You can Check out the Contact Us page if you have any questions.